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S.O.L.D. Online Order Management Program

What is S.O.L.D.?

  • It is a secure web-based order management platform for marketers and wholesale distributors
  • It sends automatic email order reminders to customers at predefined, delivery zone specific intervals
  • It provides customer-specific online order forms with vendor banner advertisements
  • It provides a searchable online product catalog with product specific MSDS and SDS links
  • It is a marketer communications tool 

Program Applications

  • Convenient way for customers to place orders online
  • Provides an easy order pad for outside sales representatives calling on customers
  • Reporting features allow Sales Managers to monitor sales activities

How does it benefit the Marketer?

  • Reduces costs and increases efficiencies by:
    • Reducing phone calls (in and out-going)
    • Reduces order mistakes
    • Reduces “emergency,” off-route and off-schedule deliveries
    • Enforces ordering deadlines (each order is date and time stamped)

Customer Acceptance

  • In a 2-year field trial, nearly 100% of customers have been found to:
    • Like, accept and appreciate the order reminder messages
    • Change ordering habits and adjust to marketer lead-time requirements

See if SOLD is right for your business:

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